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What You Need to Know About Australian Immigration

Immigrating to Australia Isn't Easy

Every year thousands of people see their dreams destroyed when their visa application is refused. The sad thing is, many of those applications could have been approved.

So, how do you maximize your chances of immigrating to Australia? What's your best strategy for a successful immigration? The good news is, you're at the right place.

When people want to maximise their chances of immigrating, they turn to our Law Firm, Beyderwellen & Company. We're recognised internationally for our comprehensive immigration experience and knowledge. As a result of our approach, 99.875% of the applications we submitted were approved.

That's just one reason why people in over 55 countries turn to us for their Australian immigration needs.

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According to the latest statistics from the Department of Immigration - 138,458 migration visa applications were refused. Make no mistake, immigration is a daunting and complex task. However it doesn't have to be.

If you want help from someone who’s as dedicated to your successful immigration as you are, go with a specialist – a firm that deals only with Australian immigration.

I can tell anyone wishing to come to Australia that they would be wasting their time looking elsewhere; your guidance through the maze of forms and documents to be prepared has been first class and I can honestly say that without your dedication and expertise we would not have come this far." — Guillermo Duque (Visa granted), Cali-Colombia, SOUTH AMERICA

> Specializing in Australian immigration: Unlike many law firms that include immigration as just one of hundreds of different law categories they cover, Beyderwellen & Company focuses exclusively on Australian immigration and citizenship. That means our entire caseload is about Australian immigration, and we have handled countless variations on strategy for immigration.

Whether you seek permanent residency, an extended work stay, or dozens of other possibilities for Australian immigration, we'll carefully guide you in the most appropriate and efficient way to achieve your goal. Because we know the process so well, we can help you avoid the costly, time-consuming mistakes most people make in this complex endeavour.

Before planning to migrate to Australia, if you would like to discover how you can achieve your desired outcome in the most timely and cost-effective way, look no further.

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  • There is almost nothing to stop a person from being granted a visitor visa to purchase a new dwelling property in Australia, even when the visa only allows for less than 12 months stay. A word of caution: if an… [Read On]

    Want To Stretch Your Property Purchasing Power As a Visitor?
  • Fiance Visa: Australian Marriageable Age In the hope that for a visa 300 application to be successful, both the visa applicant and the Australian sponsor must be free to marry, and at least one of the couple… [Read On]

    Planning on a Fiance Visa? What You Need to Know
  • Here’s the proper way to inform a Immigration Detention Review Officer. For one thing, under migration practice a Detention Review Officer is informed of an application when they receive a: copy of the page of… [Read On]

    How to Correctly Inform an Immigration Detention Review Officer
  • Today, more than ever, there’s been no wasted expense by the Australian Government to catch out partner visa applicants and visa holders that includes welfare recipients. For example: who have incorrectly declared their relationship status involved… [Read On]

    Why Some Are Risking Jailtime to Get to Australia
  • Chances are you know the importance of a good interview. It may be even more important than you think. Interviewing to Test Visa Applicants: Most compelling evidence for all major visa programs, like partner, business,… [Read On]

    Fail The Interview. No Australian Immigration for You
  • Experience counts. The facts about Migration Agents and Lawyers work experience. Here are the official Gov’t stats on Migration Agents which includes Lawyers in and outside of Australia. According to the latest Department of Immigration… [Read On]

    Warning: Almost 1 in 2 Migration Agents and Lawyers Have Less Than 3 Years Experience
  • The Unseen Dangers of Adopting a Child Overseas to Raise in Australia Thinking Adoption Visa? Think Again: Guardianship of Children It’s become fashionable to adopt abroad backdoor. Beware, there are some things you must know… [Read On]

    Thinking of Adopting a Child Abroad Backdoor? What You Need to Know.
  • If you applied for the wrong Australian visa class and live offshore, there is hope. This relates to offshore applicants who apply for the incorrect visa class. When applying for a Cultural/Social (Temporary) ( Class… [Read On]

    Offshore Applicants Who Apply for the Wrong Australian Visa Class
  • Australian Immigration Issues Are you curious about what’s going on with your visa application and supporting documentation? Consider this: The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) provides, with few forbidden exceptions, general and very… [Read On]

    The Real Truth About Your Migration Information Could Shock You
  • Australian Work or Pure Politics? When was the last time you thought about how work visas impact on Australian’s ability to find work? Sound all too familiar? Here is what is being reported. Fact check:… [Read On]

    Are Foreigners Stealing Aussie Jobs? Some Specifics Please.
  • Our Government says they want more immigrants, but do they? At this instant, the current Immigration secretary does keep watch over a huge array of border responsibilities. But here’s something interesting you may not be aware of.  Mike… [Read On]

    Have You Ever Thought About Our Targeted Borders? Who’s Affected?
  • Partner Visas  Here the court held for a partner visa to be granted, a decision maker is not required under migration law to be satisfied that there has to be love in a de facto relationship at the… [Read On]

    When There Is No Love & Affection For Your Partner, Court Says OK
  • The Factors That Effect Visa Non-Compliance What can happen when you are in breach of your visa conditions? This applies to all visas. Visa conditions are imposed either during visa processing or at time of decision.… [Read On]

    Did You Know The Consequences of Visa Non-Compliance or Breach?
  • Practical Tips For a Successful Australian Immigration Tempted to use that old, out of date form? What you need to know. This fact must be remembered because old versions of forms are not revoked, it… [Read On]

    Using Outdated Immigration Forms – Is Your Visa Application Invalid?
  • It’s not a permanent status symbol – What happens if you don’t live in Australia? Permanent 155 Resident Return Visa (RRV) Refusal Appealed Migration Tribunal Reasons Particularly, this decision considered whether lawfully present in Australia.… [Read On]

    Resident Return Visa: Ways to Guarantee You Can’t Live in Australia Again
  • How You Can Safely Navigate Immigration Legally The fact is a detention review officer (DRO) as an Immigration goverment officer appointed by the Secretary in the relevant State or Territory in Australia must be ‘notified’ of… [Read On]

    Australian Immigration Detention – The Visa Notification Steps to Follow.
  • Has the Aussie Govt Killed the Dream of Immigrating to Australia? There’s a lot of talk about freedom of speech. People want to be free to believe what they want, and say what they want.… [Read On]

    Don’t Agree with ‘Values Statement’? – Watch as Your Visa is Refused.
  • Want to Instantly Reverse All Your Immigration & Visa Migration Issues? Many believe that there is no power in the Migration Act to revisit or remake a decision, even if a mistake has been made.… [Read On]

    The Immigration “Secret”: Not All Visa Decisions Are Final
  • Some ‘unlawful’ people may not be. Here are some reasons. Given that an immigration department officer should consider if a person is the holder of an absorbed person visa, despite their system showing that person… [Read On]

    Unlawful? Maybe No. What You Need To Know
  • Please don’t blow your case! The definition of a single word can make the difference between a refused visa and a successful one. This decision considered relevance to occupation. The applicant applied for a points… [Read On]

    Success: How a Refusal to Grant was Overturned
  • Why Immigration Policy Took a Beating Partner 309 Visa Refusal – Matter Refused: Alimi v MIAC & Anor Especially, this applicant sought judicial review of a decision of the former Migration Review Tribunal (the Tribunal) affirming a… [Read On]

    Australian Spouse Visa Refusal:  Federal Court Reasons
  • Are You Sabotaging Your Visa Status, Including Work Rights? To establish if an occupation exists for migration purposes Occupational classification of most applicants (whether or not in the workforce) is established from answers to questions… [Read On]

    Migration Occupations & Problems: How To Classify a Skilled Occupation With Details
  • Medicare Entitlements If you think about applicants for the subclass 143 visa, even if they were a subclass 173 visa holder when they made their application, quite simply they’re not entitled to most social security… [Read On]

    Facts About Medicare Coupled with Subclass 143 Visa Application
  • Immigration Secrecy. Why some want more transparency in Government decisions. Poor Law, Poor Decisions: Immigration vs Dr Haneef Revocation of Dr Haneef’s visa focuses attention on fundamental breaches of human rights and the rule of… [Read On]

    Australian Immigration Law. No Place for Fair Treatment
  • The Truth About  Timing The clock is ticking, but when did it start? As an illustration, the ‘two-day clock’ commences on the day after the immigration detention review officer (DRO) is informed of the application.… [Read On]

    Detained by Immigration? What You Need to Know About the ‘Two-Day Clock’
  • The importance of “dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s.” By way of example, the Immigration department is authorised to cancel a visa when the immigration department is satisfied that the visa holder gave incorrect… [Read On]

    Beware… Incorrect Information May Cause Your Visa To be Cancelled
  • Attention: The Risk-wise applicant: How Important Is It?  A common, yet innocent, piece of information that is sure to get your immigration application red-flagged. How immigration treats identified risks in the visa migration process. At the… [Read On]

    How To Better Identify Hidden Issues In Any Immigration Application
  • What happens if a couple marries before a prospective Visa 300 is granted? For those that can’t wait, and get married before their visa is granted, here’s what to do. Under the migration regulations (which… [Read On]

    What To Do If You Marry Before Your Visa 300 is Granted
  • If you know the rules, even being related to a suspected terrorist, isn’t a concern. Character Test Visa Cancellation: Federal Court Reasons Matter: Minister for Immigration & Citizenship v Haneef Eventually this was an appeal… [Read On]

    Being Related To Suspected Terrorists is Not Enough to Refuse Your Visa Application
  • Off the Shelf Checklists Are you planning to immigrate because of your investor or business skills? If so, here are some of the important things you need to know about. Notably, in support of an application,… [Read On]

    Business Background? Here Are Some Investor-Visa Docs You Need
  • The Truth About Australian Immigration Complexity of Australian Migration Law, says Parliamentary Secretary Finally, a politician admits something that everyone already knows to be true. Complexity of migration law Immigration law has always been a… [Read On]

    Politician States the Obvious, “Australian Migration Law Too Complex”
  • Facts about Australian Prospective Spouse Visas. This applies if a couple intend on marrying before they enter Australia An engaged party who intend to marry their prospective spouse outside Australia (i.e., before travelling to Australia… [Read On]

    Prospective Spouse or Partner Visa – Which to Use?
  • The Truth About Medicare Here’s some information about Medicare you need to know. The Australian Federal Government provides help with medical expenses through a scheme called Medicare. The government also subsidises the cost of most… [Read On]

    Tips on Medicare – Info & Pointers
  • Immigration mistakes happen. Here are your rights when they do. Immigration Department make mistakes, but how will you ever know? To be sure, jurisdictional error is a type of legal error. As a general guide, jurisdictional error occurs… [Read On]

    Your Legal Rights When Immigration Makes Mistakes