Australian Permanent Residence:

Employer Sponsorship

Highly skilled applicants are in demand in Australia. When employers can't fill a vacancy from the local labour market or through training, they use the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) to nominate individuals for specific full-time positions.

Australian employer sponsorship for permanent Australian immigration


Australian Employers may nominate (or sponsor) people from overseas on skilled occupation grounds through the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS).

The objective of this visa is to enable Australian employers to fill specific skilled vacancies with overseas personnel if they are unable to fill a vacancy from the Australian labour market or through their own training efforts.

Applicants generally must be below 50 years, unless is exempted in nature.

The skilled visa would typically be applied for by a skilled individual who has already been in Australia for a period of time as a temporary resident on a Subclass 457 Business (Long Stay) visa, sponsored by an Australian employer. An application can be made outside of Australia, however.

A sponsoring employer normally is expected to test the Australian labour market by placing a series of advertisements in both national and metropolitan daily newspapers or the like. In certain circumstances advertising may not be required where occupation is in high demand (for example, ICT, nurse, accountant).

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Employer nomination and sponsorship for permanent Australian residence

Do it Right the First Time

As in every application, great care is required in preparing supporting documents for both the ENS and visa application.

The strategy to be adopted depends on the strength of each case. For an application made in Australia, the ENS and visa applications can be lodged at the same time where an employer exists; or the ENS application can be lodged and processed first, followed by the visa application only when and if the ENS application has been approved.

To apply in Australia, an applicant must hold an eligible substantive visa (limited exceptions apply) and must be physically present in Australia at the time of decision. Where a visa application is made outside Australia, the applicant must be outside Australia at the time of decision.

Note: during the latest Migration Program year 981 Employer Sponsored visas were refused and 41,993 [including subclasses 119, 120, 121, 855, 856 and 857] granted (statistics provided by DIBP).

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